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A Self Employed Rant and a Little Jack

Give a Listen Now to What helps me along

I love this blog thing. It will be my next career. My first love in life was reading and writing. I always wanted to be a writer but didn’t know how to make a living at it. I have been told I write good copy, but I never pursued it as a career. Writing for my own blog is such a blessing. Finishing and self publishing my first book was amazing. And being on the cusp of finishing another is more than I dreamed I would ever accomplish.

Life is about layers, getting older, learning more about ourselves. There is still so much I want to do, learn and be better at.

Right now it seems like its more about forgiveness. I need to , we all need to, forgive ourselves for all the things we can’t get to in the now. I have kids and the #struggleisreal. There are just not enough hours in the day to get shit done. My biggest complaint right now is that I have no control of how others choose to live and work and facilitate me getting shit done. That is the most annoying piece of everything.

What I do to take care of my mind in this is to think back to some of my favorite music by #JackJohnson, his lyrics remind us of the life style we live in a beach town, surf community. Surfing is all about living in the now, not the future, or past. Eckert Tolle teaches the same thing. I believe that by living in the now makes it easier for us to live up to God’s potential in us.

Truth be told I have to tell myself these things a hundred times a day. With each phone call, stress builds, demands are made of us, everyone seems to need everything yesterday.

The trick is to feel enough of being blessed and doing something you love that will take you through the 12-14 hour days of drudgery.

One More For Fun … Thank you Jack, see you in St. Augustine!

Single most important reason to hustle: You’re going to die. Single most important question to ask yourself. What will be your legacy?

Yep. We’re all gonna die. Life is too short. Seems like forever when you’re a kid. Then after 30 life seems to scream by. 

Throw kids in the mix and you feel like you barely have time to breath. 

Your legacy doesn’t have to be a Golden Gate Bridge or a speech to end slavery. Your legacy can simply be raising children who care for others, creating a community program for seniors who share your passion, or building something cool at work that makes life easier for others. 

Give yourself credit for what you have created. Then HUSTLE and create more. Build a legacy with depth and breadth. 

Success is an Attitude

Success : This is an attitude, I have succeeded in everything I have undertaken. I visualize, I plan, and make it happen. It may not always end up how I first see it, but I have learned to let things evolve and become what they want to be. If I foster an idea and put forth the effort , find resources, plan and adjust, refine, my ventures always come to fruition. I take the same positive attitude when I am ready to ramp a certain aspect up of an existing project. I am sure I have some peter out or completely implode, but I choose to not give them the energy they certainly don’t deserve. On to bigger and better things. Learn what you can from it and move on, never giving up. I remember hearing that Henry Ford filed for bankruptcy just before his great Model T came to fruition.

Tackle your future now…

Focal Point: A Proven System to Simplify Your Life, Double Your Productivity, and Achieve All Your Goals

Amazon says,” The true secret of high achievers is that they know how to find their “”focal point”” — the one thing they should do, at any given moment, to get the best possible results in each area of their lives…”

I am most of the way through this one. Pretty good, but more or less restating what he has in other books. He is great at putting into real actions how to create goals for all the facets  of your life. Its a good easy read for sure and reaffirming to continue on the path you are on.

3 Steps to Simply Start on the Road to Success : Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… Who’s the Most Happy, Prosperous and Giving of them All?


So the saying goes something like : Attract What you Expect; Reflect What You Desire; Become what You Respect and Mirror What you Admire.

I know this may be over simplified, but the reality of how we live our lives truly gets in the way of us spending a ton of time to reflect and create new habits. I do my best to find straight forward simple ideas to follow that I can rattle off to myself when I need to.

My son just walked in to the office and asked what I was doing and what that quote meant. I stuck with the last piece of the quote… mirror what you admire.

One: I try to think to myself “What would Jesus do in this situation and then what would Barbara Corcoran do (business woman I  admire).” I shoot for a balance, but look to those I admire for guidance and mirror there actions, or what I believe would be their actions.

Two: Follow this simple rule, always dress one level up from those you will be around. We figured this out during our art show days. There is a level of perceived value you can achieve with how you present yourself to the world. People will value you and your work more if you actually look the part, as though you look like you value yourself. No yoga pants or sweat pants outside of your house. I dont care how comfortable they are.

Three: Act as if …. Act as if you already are Barbara Corcoran, Steve Jobbs, or anyone in your field that you admire. Act like them (assuming they are respectful) do what they do, Barbara said she would give her self a pep talk before she went into a meeting. Positive self talk is a great habit to embrace.

1,2,3… You’re on the road!

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Growth or Fixed:Your Mind Not Your Mortgage

The reality in our world today is that more and more people are earning college educations. They attend colleges and universities and earn a 2 year or 4 year degree. What makes it more accessible is the internet, you now have the option to stay home and earn those degrees or add to the list of degrees you have. Based on a report by the National Center for Education Statistics “Between 1995 and 2015, educational attainment rates among 25- to 29-year-olds increased. The percentage who had received at least a high school diploma or its equivalent increased from 87 to 91 percent, with most of the change occurring between 2005 and 2015. The percentage who had completed an associate’s or higher degree increased from 33 percent in 1995 to 46 percent in 2015. Similarly, the percentage who had completed a bachelor’s or higher degree increased from 25 percent in 1995 to 36 percent in 2015, and the percentage who had completed a master’s or higher degree increased from 5 percent in 1995 to 9 percent in 2015. ” (https://nces.ed.gov/)

I love this, my parents think I’m an education snob. That is their interpretation. My view is that the more people we have aligned with the mindset to continue to grow and learn, we as a human race will continue to evolve, hopefully making the world a better place for everyone.

This book was spot on, totally resonating with how I try to approach every situation. Not always perfect at it, but its a stepping back thought process to evaluate and redirect if necessary to accomplish greater things.

Dweck compares 2 different mindsets, fixed and growth. These are paradigms from which we work, make decisions in our life, build relationships, etc. In the fixed mindset is the belief the your intelligence is static. How ever smart you are right now is how smart you will always be. If you have an innate talent, you do well at something. If you do not have that innate talent, you will not do well at it, therefore wont try or find outside excuses for failure. You will avoid challenges, get defensive and easily give up, see effort as fruitless, ignore negative feedback and typically feel threatened by the success of other. Dweck explains that “as  a result, (fixed mindset) people may plateau early and achieve less than their full potential.”

The growth mindset holds that intelligence can be developed. There is a “desire to learn and therefore embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, see effort as the path to mastery, learn form criticism and find inspiration in the success of others leading to higher and higher levels of achievement.”

As a creative this is all a no brainer for me. Working in interior design all we do as designers is come up with solutions to problems. we use what we have and do all we can to move forward all the while trying to make space great on a budget. As a residential building designer working with home owners, contractors, engineers who may not all be as attuned to the growth mindset. I see it all day long, how easily people get stuck within in  their self imposed constraints. I have to ask at least five times a day of everyone, “what if anything were possible.” It is more or less my job to “make it pretty” and then work with GC’s, Subcontractors, vendors, artisans all to make my vision a reality. All typically under a unrealistically low budget. I want to buy all these guys this book Monday morning.

One of the biggest take aways from this book is the idea that failure is not an ultimate end, it is a step in the learning process. Though it can be hard to swallow in the midst of defeat (I am currently in the middle of healing from many failures a the end of this year) and it may seem that there are no lessons to learn, or none you see right away, be patient and know you will now not make the same mistake and create a plan to implement a better outcome in the future.

If you are struggling with how to deal with failure or wanting to grow your career or business, this book is a great start. Click on the image above and start reading. The author was great at story telling as well as giving real, useful tips on how to make real change in your life. You may want a fixed mortgage rate but you do not want a fixed mindset.

On top of that please take advantage of the free webinar by clicking this image/link and don’t forget to follow this blog for easier access to updates and info that I hope will push all of us to succeed and serve.


This is posted on my office wall…..


The Professional Shows up every day

The Professional stays on the job all day

The Professional is committed over the long haul

For The Professional, the stakes are high and real

The Professional is patient

The Professional seeks order

The Professional demystifies

The Professional acts in the face of fear

The Professional accepts no excuses

The Professional plays it as it lays

The Professional is prepared

Dedicates himself/herself to mastering the technique

Does not hesitate to ask for help

Does not take failure or success personally

Does not identify with his or her instrument

Endures adversity

Self- validates!!

Re-invents herself/himself

Is recognized by other professionals

Is courageous, Will NOT be distracted, has compassion for himself/herself, lives in the present, does not wait for inspiration, does not give  power away to others, helps others