Get Out Your Longest Spoon: Why the Why is Important

I’m reading “Your money or your life” by Vicki Robin. She shares an old teaching tale…

“A young man wanted to know the difference between heaven and hell. A Sage led him to two rooms with observation portals, one labeled heaven one labeled hell. looking in at hell he saw a banquet table filled with luscious food but the people at The table work emaciated and distressed. They are spoons had a long handles to reach the food, but the handles were too long to bring the food to their mouth’s. Then he looked in on heaven. Same table full of luscious food. Same long spoons. But the people were healthy and happy and using their long handled spoon to feed one another”.

This story is at the heart of it all really. It’s all so simple. I’ll say it bluntly.

People: please stop being greedy, if you have more than you need then help your neighbor, help your kids get to a better place, raise all around you up with you.

If you don’t have much and are struggling, give a smile, give kindness and positivity. You are still raising others up with you.

We are not super wealthy people. We are amazingly rich in our family, our friends, we are blessed to have plenty of work and we do our best to do a good job and do good for others as much as we can.

Get out your long spoon and feed your soul!

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