A balanced life is for suckers

I always love to read articles about how I should work towards a good work life balance. I pretty much think they are written by people who are 20 something and have no children.

As a working mom and a wife, I think there is no such thing as true balance. Life never works out the way we hope. If I don’t run by 6 am it doesn’t happen. There is soccer practice, making dinner and folding at least 3 loads of laundry a day, walking the dog, dr’s appointments, all of which get in the way.

There are small practices that keep me more on track. These are a few. I do get off track occasionally but that’s ok. That’s what forgiveness is all about. Just reset the crazy train back to the gravy train.

Small thing one: Prioritize and ditch distractions, align your goals with what you want in your life. How we spend our time is the first clue. Look back at your day. Where did you spend time and with whom. Did they keep you on your track toward satisfaction or path of distraction? I love social media. I am more of a poster and not troller. I put things up and spend very little time scrolling through. Weekends are a different story. I let myself scroll and relax.

Do you know what your goals are? If you don’t name them how will you know if you’re on the right path. Write em down.

Small thing two: Eliminate  time wasting activities and people. Yep I said it. People. Looking back at your day who could you have avoided that ate up an hour and a half of beautiful sunlight with some bs complaining or talking smack. When you see their name pop up on your phone hit DECLINE!

Small thing three: Take a vacation or just spend time with family. Yeah I know… make it happen anyway. Carve that shit out. No one gives this to you. If you don’t take time for yourself you are shit out of luck. For me it’s a guilt trip. I feel totally guilty for taking a walk or doing anything in the evening without the kids. It’s a practice thing. Kids are getting older and I am leaving them more. It’s all good they are gaining a sense of self with more freedom and trust is building.

There is certainly a season for everything so don’t kill yourself for not doing things for yourself sooner. But do it. Make arrangements. Make it happen.

Small thing four: Get lots of exercise. Bahahaha!!!!!! I run early. That’s all I can handle. Then I try to find a couple things that are fun to do with the family and call it exercise. Just try your best to keep it up long term. Make it fun. Do it with friends. Groups change. Don’t give up. Find other friends who do other things. Keep trying.

Small thing five: Hire a personal coach, if not find a mentor, if not at least surround yourself with friends who are supportive, ambitious, mindful, creative even if they dont share your political beliefs.

Small thing six: set boundaries and learn to say no. Easiest thing ever to set those boundaries. Hardest to follow your own rules. Again it’s a practice. Practice saying no to others who put demands on you. Slowly they will stop trying to rule your life.
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