My Son is Reading “Undaunted”… And I’m Shocked, But So Happy. 

I am totally unbelievably shocked. He’s reading this on the Kindle and we share a Kindle. So each morning when I wake up instead of watching news I do some reading. And every morning I open up the Kindle and it’s on the last page that he’s read the night before. This morning I woke up to find this excerpt:

“The exceptional will always face criticism from the unexceptional. Have courage  to push through it, courage alone will not sustain you. But, in order to continuously succeed, you must have passion, resiliency, optimism, and above all else people skills. I challenge you to be exceptional for your family, your self, your community, and your country.” By Christopher Heben.  

This man has had more than a few trials in his life. But his words are priceless. I am happy he is reading rhetoric that is similar to mine. The more voices he here’s it from the deeper it sinks into his mental paradigm from which he will work and make decisions his entire life. 

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