Are you living your life or are you limping your life: 1 simple step to take charge


Are you limping along in your life that is based on values that are imposed on you by people who dont really share the same end goal as you?

#thestruggleisreal my friends. We start living our lives as kids with what our parent teach us. IF we are blessed they are good role models and give us the foundation to make good  decisions through out our life. then we grow up and we are responsible for ourselves, no one else. As a parent I feel the pressure to always say the rght thing to my kids to be sure they know they are safe, smart, capable young people on their way to living up to Gods potential in them.

The reality is that sometimes I come in after a 10 hour work day knowing I still have to grocery shop and make dinner, fold 3 loads of laundry and I find juice boxes, candy wrappers and slime making ingredients all over my granite counters. I loose my mind and become the  medusa in perimenopause. Everyone runs for the hills.

Beyond being a mom I am an entrepreneur and a small business owner. I have many goals outside of raising kids. To stay on track with those goals I created note cards. each one has a list of goal sets in a category. I read them each morning, or at least most mornings.

Here is your one thing: get a stack of note cards (I like the larger ones, you can make notes on the back  and make changes easier, and my eyes are getting older so I can tread them better 🙂 Think of the one thing you would like to accomplish and then write down 3 small steps to get there.

For example, one of my goals is to speak to middle and high school kids about entrepreneurship. step 1: design a talk . step 2: practice.  step3: call schools, make contact with guidance counseling and schedule a meeting.

Work on this one goal until it is accomplished. Forgive yourself for not making a faster time table. Most of all never stop trying!!



One thought on “Are you living your life or are you limping your life: 1 simple step to take charge

  1. Your man

    You are to say the least an inspiration. How you manage to stay on tract is mind boggling. I love you and all of you accomplishment. #thestruggleisreal



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