Girl boss or bossy girl

I remember a time when Mrs Brady sat me on the front steps in a time out for being bossy to her son. I think of how I just wanted things done a certain way and I’m sure it was a better idea than his, that’s if he even had one. Mrs Brady was my babysitter while my Mom worked her tail off to support us living in an apartment over a garage. My Moms courage to live through a divorce from an alcoholic and be on her own withme, as my father never helped financially, is amazing to me. It was the 70’s. Obviously a girls merit in her ideas was not recognized. 

Still today society looks down on girls who are “bossy”. It drives me crazy. I love to admit my daughter is one of them. 

Being bossy is an excellent stepping stone to becoming a boss. It shows leadership, intention, it takes guts to speak out and name what others are doing or need to do. The girls I see as being bossy are perfect candidates for leadership roles later in life. #girlboss take over. I love it. 

What I would like to see more of is mentors and parents taking on this characteristic as an opportunity to mold the bossy speech in to that of constructive criticism followed with solutions. 

This goes for all women. If you are a boss and see potential in one of your employees, take them aside and coach them in the art of leadership. Talk about how to best become someone who is admired and followed. 

I love to hear my daughter directing her team mates on the soccer field. She has an understanding and a vision that is comprehensive and an over view of situations that raises the level of play. 

At the same time she gets discourage when another player is trying to direct as well. Here is the lesson, listen….. Listen to what others have as input. Maybe theirs is a good perspective. Respect goes a long way as a leader as well. You get what you give in life. If you offer respect to others simply by hearing them out they will more than likely offer you the same. Together you will find a greater solution than you would alone. 

So I encourage all you young women to get bossy but be kind about it. Grow your leadership skills. Grow your business understanding and be the best #girlboss around. 

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