3 Way to Join The “You Economy”


“…the You Economy, the growing global network of people who are taking the future of work into their own hands. They’re sharing resources and technology, taking gigs through job sites, creating freelance businesses and innovating methods of generating income. Folks in the You Economy are applying their experience in new ways, learning new skills and tapping into endless resources for training and support. They’re designing their lives, carving out time for family and building professions based on their passions. Along the way, the friends they’re making, people they’re meeting and places they’re seeing are enriching their lives beyond what they thought was possible.” read more…

one… what skills do you have that you could offer to someone else? Are you great at research, are you great at social media, are you great at graphic design? make a list…

two… figure out how to get your butt on to upwork, fivver or any of the other online business skill sharing sites. build your page and start promoting yourself to your personal group.

three… learn a new skill in technology. I am a residential building designer and interior designer. I look at life with the same terminology as designers do. We need to build a good foundation to design a great life. Your most valuable foundation material or element is your mind and what you fill it with.


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