#welcometothesuck : Mastery requires more

This is what my husband says when he’s on his way to work sometimesto a fire station in a district he’s not fond of. 

I can relate to the feeling now that I have decided to reach a level of mastery in my field. I have decided to go for a certification in design that I am hoping will up my game. It requires studying and 10 tests. Not my strong suit. The sole reason I went for an English degree was that there were no standard tests, only writing. 

I think things come into our lives at just the right time, I’m reading “drive”. It is about intrinsic motivation. The reality I have in front of me he has plainly and eloquently stated…. Sucks, but will be worth it. 

“The path to mastery -becoming even better at something you care about- is not lined with daisies and spanned with rainbows. If it were, more of us would make the trip. Mastery hurts. ”

So it goes, suck it up buttercup, as I yank up my bootstraps, I will,put in my application for certification. 

I can relate to the statement as I embark on trying to gain new ministry and right in the field of residential building design. It is not going fun. 

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