CRM Hack: Achieve Genius With Infusionsoft

I have had my own business since 1998, first as a potter and now an Interior Designer and Residential Building Designer. One key element to my success as an entrepreneur is keeping in touch with all of my customers and clients. I know that I would be nothing without them.

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I used post cards I actually printed myself in the beginning. That was a great way to keep people in the loop. Then came email and the invent of Constant Contact and a host of other email newsletter hosting sites. My  problem with them was the ability to respond to a replied email. I my search to find a better option I ran into Infusion soft.

What it has done for me is get me more working on my business and less working in my business. I am able to set up email campaigns that will trigger automatically and allow me to communicate with my clients and customers at their convenience, fully automated. There are many things that I explain and work to educate my clients on. It makes the whole experience as a designer and a home owner easier when we are all on the same page.

I start by asking if I can have an email address, enter it and away they go ona journey to be informed. Informed clients make better decisions and allow more time for you to work and not explain.

I also use Infusion soft for my newsletters and email blasts.

Infusion soft allows me to create relationships with my clients for the long term. The automation aspect is huge. I once had a client tell me she has been watching my videos and getting newsletters for a year. When we finally met, she knew so much about me I was shocked. But I had also gained her trust over that time and we were able to move faster into work mode.

Click Me to see how amazing this is, no matter what business you are in Infusion soft is out of this world.

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