3 Steps to Simply Start on the Road to Success : Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… Who’s the Most Happy, Prosperous and Giving of them All?


So the saying goes something like : Attract What you Expect; Reflect What You Desire; Become what You Respect and Mirror What you Admire.

I know this may be over simplified, but the reality of how we live our lives truly gets in the way of us spending a ton of time to reflect and create new habits. I do my best to find straight forward simple ideas to follow that I can rattle off to myself when I need to.

My son just walked in to the office and asked what I was doing and what that quote meant. I stuck with the last piece of the quote… mirror what you admire.

One: I try to think to myself “What would Jesus do in this situation and then what would Barbara Corcoran do (business woman I  admire).” I shoot for a balance, but look to those I admire for guidance and mirror there actions, or what I believe would be their actions.

Two: Follow this simple rule, always dress one level up from those you will be around. We figured this out during our art show days. There is a level of perceived value you can achieve with how you present yourself to the world. People will value you and your work more if you actually look the part, as though you look like you value yourself. No yoga pants or sweat pants outside of your house. I dont care how comfortable they are.

Three: Act as if …. Act as if you already are Barbara Corcoran, Steve Jobbs, or anyone in your field that you admire. Act like them (assuming they are respectful) do what they do, Barbara said she would give her self a pep talk before she went into a meeting. Positive self talk is a great habit to embrace.

1,2,3… You’re on the road!

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