5 Steps to Use Language as a Game Changer

  1. wordsCompliment others. Any time you find yourself talking about you, change it and talk about the person you are talking to, start with a compliment. Everyone remembers those who complement them. It shows you are interested and they will respect you more.
  2. Practice positive self talk. Yep, as silly as that sounds, give your self the pep talk in the morning, before a meeting, after a meeting…. Your Mom is no longer responsible for telling you how awesome you are, so you better get to work.
  3. Respond, don’t react. That means take a breath before you speak. Think like a chess player and work out in your mind ten steps ahead would look like if you reacted and how you can better respond and what that future would look like.
  4. Practice being grateful for all you have and not dwell on what you dont. Seriously cut those ties to the crap. I have a stack of note cards i leaf through every morning that have statements of gratitude on them and also the goals I wish to reach
  5. Say “i’m Sorry…” The faster you own your own actions and take responsibly the faster everyone can move on from the situation. No excuses, dont even utter them. Take excuses out of your vocabulary completely. Once you do , you will notice that you and only you have complete control over your life.

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