Biz Hack for Note Takers: Evernote

I think  almost everyone has heard of Evernote at this point. As a designer it has come in handy since I am half in the office and half in the field.

I use it on my phone, create notebooks for each client and record my site visits. I love it because I can just hit the voice to text, record what I am dealing with onsite or during a meeting. This way I don’t forget to write something down I need to take care of as well everyone around sees that all is being recorded.

My clients and contractors feel better about what will be followed through on. I simply go back to my desk or ask my assistant to email all involved in the project and we remain on the same page this way.

I drive around constantly and when I do I get a ton  of ideas, this way I can keep them all organized and readily available to work on when I get back to my desk. I hot the sync button and instantly all is on my computer.

I am sure I don’t use all the features in Evernote to their potential, only so much I can learn at a time.

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