Show Up and Blow Up: Enthusiasm Counts!



Definition of enthusiasm

  1. intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.
    “her energy and enthusiasm for life”
  2. 1 a :  belief in special revelations of the Holy Spirit b :  religious fanaticism

  3. 2 a :  strong excitement of feeling :  ardor <did her work with energy and enthusiasm> b :  something inspiring zeal or fervor <his enthusiasms include sailing and fishing>

It seems so obvious when we see it in others, that guy at work who shows up and is totally downtrodden and unhappy, negative, nothing good to say… a real Eeyore. Then there are times in our lives when we find these traits in ourselves or others do and remind us that we are being total bummers.

When you show up to your life like Eeyore you may wonder why good things don’t come to  you as easily as it does others. Simply you lack enthusiasm. I do at times too. Life is tough, #thestruggleisreal, right? It is for all of us at times. I truly believe the trick is to shake it off and come back at it with enthusiasm.

Fake it til ya make it, even if you’re not excited about a project or you’re afraid of failing, pretend you’re excited and bring that energy to the project, site, meeting, show and see that others will be drawn to you.

Losing momentum can be a real drag, dig deep and find what about it is that you are working on could excite you, put that concept tot he forefront of your thinking and move on  from there.

As a small business owner, I only hire those who interview with enthusiasm, no Eeyore’s aloud. My work takes so much of my attention and energy, there is simply no room for drains in the system. Consider this if you want a position at a place that is successful. Come with synergy and enthusiasm.


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