The Difference Between the  What and the How is Where the Challenge Lies and Creativity Flourishes

Whether you are a small business owner in manufacturing or a painter, we are all creative as entrepreneurs. Creativity lies in the problem-solving.

As an Artist you have a vision of  what you want you want to look like. You have to solve the issues of what materials to use, how to use them, all to get to your in piece to hang a gallery. The same goes for any business owner,  you see the challenges of creating income for your employees, for creating a product at the public will Love and serve them well. You are challenged with solving all those problems.

Creativity is how we meet these challenges and  how we execute solving problems. Execution is everything. That is where the real creativity take place as we challenge our minds to come up with new innovative ways to address whatever problems lie in front of us no matter what field we work in. Innovation in any field is creativity.

As business owners we create strategies to implement, but then how we execute those strategies, what steps we take to implement change, etc is the challenge.

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