Joy vs. Pleasure and Inspiration vs Motivation


Obviously this image is of pleasure, we have to remember that this level of experience only lasts a short while. We also have to remember that we can waste a lot of time searching and recreating these moments of pleasure. Its a one shot deal. It can be exhausting. The time and money we spend on creating that effect to release that chemical in our brain can be utterly depleting.

Now consider what brings you joy. Joy is brought on by internal forces. Joy is sustainable, but it can be jut as difficult to attain. I say this because joy comes form within, it is a journey to get to a place in our minds and our hearts where we feel loved and secure. We are kind and considerate of others without effort. Joy is not worrying about what anyone else thinks of you, you are confident in your ability and your direction. Joy can keep you going on a project for hours, pleasure only motivate you. Joy keeps you inspired



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