Energy,intelligence and integrity 

I’m currently looking for someone to hire in my design business. It’s the hardest thing to find the right person. These are a few of the basic pieces that I look for in a resume. Most of these ideas came from watching Tai Lipez on YouTube. I knew I was looking for these things but he just seem to put them into a more concise Way to view a persons skill set. 

These qualities also happen to be the things that I value myself and I feel I find through God every day to work on. These are the values and skill sets that I teach my children as well. I think these qualities are excellent steppingstones for us to grow as human beings and produce wonderful things for our neighbors in our community

Teachability: this is a quality that very few people have. It takes an open mind and it takes a level of humility to understand that you do not already know everything. The level to which you are teachable means that you will continue to grow through your life your skills will grow, your love will grow, and the ability to serve will grow as long as you can learn something new every day. 

Focus: this is a challenging today’s world with technology at our fingertips constantly. I have had too many people in the office with their smart phone sitting on their desk as they text with family and friends all day long. Meanwhile nothing is done correctly, they are not capable of focusing on the work at hand to accomplish what needs to be done in a timely manner. You have to destroy the distractions to move forward in your life.

Adaptability: I love to work with people who learn quickly. What this means to me is that if one thing is not working we need to move onto the next thing. Also if you learn something new that changes your perspective are you willing and able to apply it to the situation at hand or thinking grow on a larger level with your new information? Again humility plays into his quality. If you’ve just learned a new skill set or grasp some new information are you willing to let go of your old ideas and concepts and be willing to move forward again quickly and adjust your direction?
Integrity: this is the ability to be honest and fair. This means being honest with yourself as well as being honest with others. And being fair means not judging others based on a quality that you yourself don’t even own. For work it can simply mean showing up and doing what you’re asked without attitude. It means not lying to anyone about how much you’re capable of doing and how much you’ve gotten done in the past. If you can do a thing, then get it done. If you can’t, then admit it and move on. If you really want it, then stay committed, learn what you need to and make it happen. 

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