A nugget about hope

In my business as a designer it seems all I do is problem solve. I think that is our job description in most things. A position is filled, a problem is solved. In the construction industry there are a lot of problems. There are a lot of chiefs and not enough Indians. Try being a woman and walking on the job site…. I am instantly not trusted and devalued. It takes months to turn that around using my ability to problem solve. 

I have turned the challenge of remaining positive into reading everything I can get my hands on and this blog. 

Nugget from Joyce Meyer: when you remain positive some one usually tries to bring you down, have faith regardless. They will tell you you are being unrealistic. “The good thing about faith is that it keeps you joyful and energized while you are trusting God to change the current reality.”

I have reminders set throughout the day on my phone. The very first one that pops up at 6am is “pray for joy and passion to stay committed, pray for focus to be able to finish, pray for creativity to envision an amazing future, edify all who cross my path today, be mindful.” 

I ask my source, God , to help me with these objectives because I am not perfect and I need help. And a positive attitude is the first step for me in making it through the days. 

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