Want one? Be one 

To have good friends we have to be a good friend.

It’s such a simple concept and yet we screwed up all the time. We expect so much from others and yet we don’t necessarily take the time to make the effort ourselves and put that fourth.

As a small business owner the same technique rings true if you want to have good clients you need to be a good client. Goes back to the old prayer or Bible verse that says doing to others as you would have them do when you treat your clients the way you want to be treated. Add value every chance you get.

I know this sounds ridiculous but maybe sometimes don’t overpromise. Make sure people understand they are going to get their basic services. And as soon as you have the opportunity give them more and more service. 

This may sound like some kind of trick but it’s not, we can all only do as much as we can do and if we feel as they were putting forward her best but you were giving 100% and that’s it we have to forgive ourselves for the rest. Just don’t overpromise. People will respect you more if you’re honest with him about what you can actually achieve.

Same goes true for having friends don’t expect your friends to do RV anymore then really they can. Try to understand that I have they have a life as well and if you ever feel slighted it’s probably not something you did. More than likely they just don’t have any more energy to put out. Forgive, be understanding, Be a good friend to them maybe they need you more than you need them right now

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