Using the Language of Design to Create Success


Abstract lights

Abstract lights

As designers and artists alike, really any sort of creative person, we use similar language to create or build our lives. This is an excerpt from the book I have been working on over the last year about how to Creatively Succeed. It is entrenched in the language we use to create our work, our art, our spaces and how important it is to take responsibility as the the creative force on this planet to build something larger than ourselves for the good of everyone in our communities and our world.


Design Element: Pattern
Pattern is created with and arrangement of forms or design to create an orderly whole. It can be made of a number of motifs or design units arranged in a larger design composition. When you combine patterns consider 4 things, the placement of emphasis, using one pattern over another; character of pattern—patterns must be. Insider color scheme—needs to be closely related colors and also consider scale of patterns to be combined—scale and size should be similar not the same
Design Element: Light
The quality, quantity and color of light effects how we see things and so how we feel about things. Light evokes emotion almost immediately. We may need to control direction and supplemental sources of light to get the affect we want. Light can alter apparent form, as well as how we interpret texture, making a surface look more smooth or dimpled.
Bright light can make a wash and make things seem smoother, whereas dimmer light can make things seem more textured.
Using lighting is effective and practical for the activities in the space. Make are able to make the interior more aesthetically pleasing and psychologically pleasing.
In art, light is manipulated in several ways. The use of light and dark in art refers to its value, which is also sometimes referred to as tint (light hues) and shade (dark hues). In painting, which uses lack color, value changes are achieved by adding black or white to a color.
There is an artistic technique used during the Renaissance that refers to the use of exaggerated light contrasts in order to create the illusion of volume : chiaroscuro.
We use light in art and design to create focus on specific things, we say the same about our lives, when we shine a light on an aspect of our life we are examining it with more care and concern.

Design Element: Color
Color is the most emotional of the design elements. There is an entire movement out there about the psychology of color and about how differing cultures react to colors. WE speak about color in regards to hue and value. We use color to stimulate or calm. We look for good distribution of characteristics, of light or dark and contrast. There are different influences that can affect how we see color like texture, placement and value distributions.

Light, color and pattern are words we use to reflect on not only how we see art and design, but also how we view our lives. The patterns we choose to create in our lives with the choices we make are woven into a motif the same as any fabric pattern. That stretch of fabric that becomes our life is made of the threads that are the selections in jobs, friends, and habits and what we feed our bodies. We see in others the patterns of their choices create larger patterns say of success or abuse over time. When we describe a person as colorful individual we are painting a picture of their personality or the pattern of choices they have made over the years. When I describe how I feel as the the light of God is on me I am also describing a feeling of joy knowing that I am not alone. The language we use everyday to describe how we see things, people, situations are the same language we use as creatives, as artists. WE are all artists, we are all creatives and we need to take on that as a responsibility to create better lives for ourselves ant those around us. Encourage others to see that this language of the what they may see as a separate group of creative people is the same language they use. They can become conscious of how they use their language to be creative and edify, raise up themselves and their environment.

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