Goal setting


Setting goals in one of the bestexercises one can practice if you are ready to level up in any area. Remember that it is a practice, not something you don once in your life.  

The beauty of practicing list out your goals is that it imprints those goals in your mind. As you repeat these goals using the three p’s, positive, present, and personal tenses, your mind seems to rearrange itself to see opportunities that will enable you to achieve the goals. 

The exercise you can try is for 30 days. Write down you goals, list them out, keeping a notebook at your desk, kitchen counter, or bedside. Every morning rewrite the list. Write a list each day without referring to the last days list. Some things will stay on the list and some will get dropped. Our priorities ch age all the time. You will find after the 30 days is that the list is more stable, you are writing mostly the same things over and owner. They are ingrained in your mind now, your subconscious has he list. 

I have taken this exercise one step further and programmed the reminders in my phone. I added a few of my goals to pop up throughout the day. I visualize my goal for a moment as being achieved and a sense of accomplishment in my heart. 

I am a big fan of writing, obviously. I am a big fan of doing a thing for 30 days. It’s a great way to implement new habits and distract the old bad habits. 

I want some feedback on how many of your goals remains the same…

Have a great weekend. See you on a soccer field or the island

Kindest prayers


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