Success Happens Through Systems: Deming Leads the Way

Deming image

What I have found in learning to create systems to act from, through my experience, is that is creates freedom. I record everything to review at a specific time and day. I simply keep a one notebook to catch any other ideas that may come through and only record them and add at that time.

have been listening to Marshall Thurber. He’s a bit of a mogul and speaks to creating success in our lives. He repeatedly directs us back to E. Deming, whom I love as a basis to build business, help our clients, and do what we love in our lives.  So I thought I would share with you this basic set of manage  principles Deming laid forth to make every endeavor a better one.

W. Edwards Deming offered 14 key principles for management to follow for significantly improving the effectiveness of a business or organization. Many of the principles are philosophical. Others are more programmatic. All are transformative in nature. The points were first presented in his book Out of the Crisis. Below is the condensation of the 14 Points for Management as they appeared in the book.

1. Create constancy of purpose toward improvement of product and service, with the aim to become competitive and to stay in business, and to provide jobs.

2. Adopt the new philosophy. We are in a new economic age. Western management must awaken to the challenge, must learn their responsibilities, and take on leadership for change.

3. Cease dependence on inspection to achieve quality. Eliminate the need for inspection on a mass basis by building quality into the product in the first place.


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