Designing abundance musings:Dealing With Bad Habits

sometimes it is just so hard to shake all those bad habits. We don’t realize how many there are or how vastly they affect our lives. It’s all about stacking all those little tiny bad habits and at the end of the day we find we’ve lost time we have not achieved what we hoped we would for the day. When we look back we think I could have done this better or I should have done this longer. 

I am setting a goal today to evaluate my daily actions and recognize what actions are really subconscious habits. Then I’m going to create or align those actions/habits into whether they are productive for my future larger big-time goals or are they the pieces of the puzzle that are keeping me from reaching my highest potential.

  • Wasting time day dreaming
  • Getting lost in house chores
  • Walking  in circles with a lack of focus 
  • Buying expensive coffee
  • Eating ten marshmallows 

So today I’ll try to not do these things and replace them with better choices. 

  • No tv
  • Compartmentalize my chore times and create a schedule. 
  • Stick to my list
  • Buy cream So I have coffee home
  • Get some bananas so no marshmallows. Lol. Maybe just 2 marshmallows. Let’s not get crazy


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