Believe in Yourself and Find Your Reason to Never Give Up


I am no therapist, but what I do know is that without reviewing how we have lived, practicing self reflection, how will we be able to recognize what works and what isn’t working, we are doomed to continue our not so great pattern of choices we make.. We all have issues. There is no perfect life, at least not these days, and not even on t.v. We have moved from the June Cleavers to the shows like “The Middle”. I don’t want to really spend a whole lot of time rehashing what we already know about our lives, but if you are sincere about making it to your goals you need to be real about what you do,how you do it and with whom you are doing it. . I have already introduced the idea of the blueprint. This is an idea that through our childhood experience we are more or less trained to think , be and act. We are heavily influenced by not only our parents, but also our friends, teachers and society at large. The expectations and rules we are taught, if we are uber blessed or even a little lucky is healthy, supportive and encouraging. I would say that for the majority of us , not so much. I would say the majority of us have backgrounds that are relatively dysfunctional; at the least we have some complaint about our original situation. What I am saying to you now is that you have a choice. I am officially informing you that you have all the power in your life to make it what you want. You have to believe!! You have the power to change your blueprint!

“What you hear, you forget; what you see, you remember; what you do , you understand”

We have to first have that changed blueprint, but really we need to first start with creating your “why”, Why do you want to change or accomplish whatever it is that brought you to this system. How we get to this is looking at our list of goals and what we want to accomplish. The idea is to keep listing out what we want in our lives, list again all of our goals: for family and relationships, for work or career or our business, for our income or cash flow, for our health, for the fun stuff you want to do, the traveling, activities, hobbies you want to try. Then ask yourself why you want each of these, don’t stop asking until you have an emotional response. For me and all I want to accomplish goes back to having a parent who loved what he did for a living and did well at it. Then the other parent, not so much. The other parent instilled in me to simply settle and be content. But I knew I had more to offer. And I was angry that this person felt I was not worthy of any more than whatever was handed to me. I am still a little angry, but I do forgive because we all have a blueprint we work from, and I am made a decision to change my blueprint.

I also feel as though if we all do well, the vibration of our happiness and joy is infectious. Our Success should be infectious too. I believe when we give we receive so much more in return. Holding this belief close to my heart helps me deal with my demons and stay focused on my “why”. With a reason that is real, really real, painfully real, that ignites the fire under my butt to make my goals come to fruition. This is my burning desire that I cultivate and use to stay focused on the long term, no matter what gets in my way, I fall back on that desire and my “Why”.

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