Yeah! It’s a new year!! Double Yeah!! Kids just started back at school!!!!

Triple Yeah!!!! I love finding new things I love to do!! This is the sharing part with you. I love writing and I love being on-line (yeah for Blogging!!) . I alos love designing and we have been so blessed to design for such amazing clients over the last year.

What I try to integrate into my service is the concept of designing for success, not just to make a space or home work perfectly for you, but also to address a life of abundance. For us this includes the many levels of wealth that we believe in, family, our home, friends, time with our kids, but also to continue to be creative, productive, be of service to our community, be healthy and take care of ourselves.

Something for you to do…

Action: remind yourself
Empty your mind a couple times a day. If you have a smart phone, set a reminder, timed to sit quiet, if only for a couple minutes, just breath. If you need a task, enter in something to read in your reminder, I have written a few of my favorite passages and set them with timers throughout the day. They are positive, enlightening and encouraging. Every once in a while when I come across a new one I like I can add it or replace one of the others. Life is hectic, lets use this technology stuff to help us out.

Good luck and take a breath.

Check out our Design Abundance System HERE.

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