Gratitude: Think of something nice to say…

One of my habits I have cultivated over the last few years in the process of reinventing my work life, I wake up every morning and calibrate my day and my life. I keep a “Success Rhythm Matrix” where I track everything I want to be better at, learn, and grow. I think the one thing that makes the most impact on my life and more importantly, my attitude and ability to bring more into my life is my listing of what I am grateful for. Everyday I try to come up iwth 3 new things. I have filled up books with journaling through my adult life, but since I have started concentrating on only the positive aspects over the last ten years, I feel like I have found the gold at the end of the rainbow.
As we move in to the Holiday Season, I would just remind you of what my Momom always said to me, don’t say anything if you don’t have anything NICE to say. Not only will you think of nicer things to say, but when you are quiet, it will be that much  more evident of the strength of your character and convictions.
And now a challenge, please do one randomly nice thing today. Send a sweet note to anyone you have done business with, or just an old friend. Most of don’t expect anything in return.
Merry Happy hallo-giving-ikah-anzah-istmas

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